CONTINUUM FLUX [Health] 2020.07.01

Health News | Coronavirus
Comprehensive overview of current treatments, including about 150 COVID-19 vaccines in development and at least 8 in human clinical trials. A vaccine might potentially be available in early 2021. [Forward]
A coronavirus vaccine could become ineffective if the virus were to undergo certain genetic changes. But so far, scientists see no evidence that's happening. [Forward]
While there is limited data on infants with COVID-19 from the United States, research suggests babies mostly have mild illness, with fever the main symptom. [Forward]
As people consider expanding their social circles beyond their immediate household, what's most important is to agree in advance on the precautions everyone will take. [Forward]
Living Well | Fitness
Performance suffers when you think you are too busy. Instead, choose to be ready by prioritizing, reducing daily decisions, automating, decreasing temptations, and not letting negative thinking derail you. [Forward]
Stretches using just one tennis ball might save you from neck, back and lower body tension – especially if you're struggling with WFH. [Forward]
An interview with Dr. Greger, the founder of, on plant-based diets. He recommends the 21-day PCRM kickstart diet. [Forward]
The well-built Peloton indoor bike offers unique live at-home classes and competition with people around the world—but functionality is limited if you stop paying the $39 monthly membership fee. [Forward]
Mental Health | Sleep
Teens who experienced depression got 30 minutes less sleep each night. Adolescents 14-17 years old typically need 8-10 hours of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. [Forward]
Alzheimer's disease affects twice as many women as men. Women can develop Alzheimer's-related changes in their brains earlier than men do, specifically in midlife. [Forward]
The findings suggest that people who live in highly walkable, mixed‑age communities may be more likely to live to their 100th birthday. [Forward]
Biotech | Startups | Deals
Verve Therapeutics is developing a treatment using gene base editing, which alters a single letter instead of cutting DNA, to prevent heart attacks with one injection. [Forward]
Playbook aims to be the Patreon of fitness content. The company offers consumers unlimited subscriptions for $15/month, and allows trainers to start their own mobile-based subscription business. [Forward]