CONTINUUM FLUX [Space] 2020.05.01

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SpaceX successfully launches batch of 60 internet-beaming satellites to orbit (The Verge) – On April 22nd, SpaceX pressed ahead with its ambitious internet-from-space initiative, launching 60 broadband-beaming satellites into orbit from Florida. Watch SpaceX launch its latest batch of satellitesForward

Blue Canyon Technologies Is Building The First Factory In Space (Forbes) – The startup will provide the spacecraft vehicle infrastructure to support a factory that will 3D-print solar arrays in space. The mission is funded by a $73.7 million NASA contract. Forward

Space Exploration

NASA's incredible new moon map will serve as blueprint for human missions (CNET) – The colourful 1:5,000,000-scale geologic map is the most comprehensive geologic map of the moon ever made. View USGS’ new geologic map of the moonForward

NASA Shares Some Good News from the International Space Station (Some Good News) – NASA astronauts aboard the ISS joined John Krasinski in sharing Some Good News, including celebrating 20 years of a continuous human presence on the ISS conducting research that benefits humanity. Forward

Astronomy | Astrophysics | Cosmology

Will Wormholes Allow Fast Interstellar Travel (PBS Space Time) – Wormholes are our favorite method for traveling across fictional universes. But they are also a very serious field of study for some of our greatest minds over the last century. Forward

Timing of Black Hole Dance Revealed by NASA Spitzer Space Telescope (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) – Two black holes are locked in a dance in the OJ 287 galaxy. The smaller’s collision with the larger’s orbiting gas disk creates a flare brighter than 1 trillion stars. Forward

Collision of two black holes with unequal masses seen for first time (Amaze Lab) – Scientists spotted a black hole collision unlike anything we’ve ever seen. A black hole about eight times our sun's mass took on another black hole about four times its size. Forward


Coronavirus updates: The latest COVID-19 news for the global space industry (Space News) – Space News provides ongoing coverage and daily updates of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the global space industry, including a list of all delayed or canceled space events. Forward

Attend the 236th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) – The meeting will be held online between June 1 - 3, 2020 with networking, updates on latest discoveries, and an array of 9 plenary and prize lectures. Forward

[RESCHEDULEDTC Sessions: Space 2020 (Tech Crunch) – Join TechCrunch's editors in Los Angeles on December 17 for a day of fireside chats and panel discussion with the top investors, founders, and technologists forging the future of space. Forward