[Space] 2021.10.15

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NASA is inviting students across the US to design an experiment to test on a suborbital rocket or high-altitude balloon. $1500 awarded to each winning school. Contest opens August 18. [Forward]
Exo-Space is raising a seed round on Spaced Ventures, the equity crowdfunding platform. Exo-Space developed FeatherEdge, an on-orbit machine vision / edge computing image-analysis device.  Ends December 9, 2021. [Forward]
University rocketry teams: want to launch rockets and compete regionally against other university teams and potentially join next year's Spaceport America Cup? Registration closes March 31, 2022. [Forward]
Image Credit: Space Perspective
Book your six-hour voyage on Spaceship Neptune now for 2025 and see Earth from space. Book an individual seat or a full 8 person capsule. $125,000 per space explorer. [Forward]
XPRIZE Carbon Removal is aimed at tackling climate change and advancing space exploration. Teams will create and demonstrate solutions that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans. [Forward]
Join thousands of volunteers and search for Planet 9 and new brown dwarfs in the backyard of the solar system using data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission. [Forward]
The sessions include The Maturing of the Small Satellite Market, Access to Space, and more. Virtual sessions will be held from September 7 - October 19, 2021. [Forward]
This free, virtual event offers an opportunity for those interested in Mars to discuss the science, technology, social implications, and a multitude of other aspects of Mars exploration. October 14-17. [Forward]
Hang out with Blue Origin in LA at one of their upcoming Open House events. Enjoy cocktails and appetizers as you talk with thought leaders. Takes place October 18th and 19th. [Forward]
This hybrid conference is an invitation to reflect and exchange information on a number of space safety and sustainability topics of national and international interest. October 19 - 21, 2021. [Forward]
The IAC is the world’s premier space event, featuring a line-up of thematic plenary sessions, informative lectures, and interactive workshops. Takes place in Dubai, UAE. October 25 - 29, 2021. [Forward]
ASEC is a virtual forum for the space environment engineering and applied space science community to discuss current space programs and to identify gaps in knowledge and technology. November 1-5. [Forward]
This free, virtual workshop covers a variety of subjects, including research and development work on state-of-the-art aerospace battery technologies, flight and ground test data, and more. November 16-18, 2021. [Forward]
This free online event gathers experts from global space agencies, space corporations, and more to gain a comprehensive understanding of the mission of the new space age. December 6-7, 2021. [Forward]
Forge the future of space at this two-day virtual event with the startups, researchers, investors, and technologists making it all happen. Tickets range from $35 - $75. December 14 - 15. [Forward]

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Space Ecosystem | Startups | Deals
Varda intends to leave the Rocket Lab-made spacecraft, outfitted with two Varda-made modules, in orbit for three months to test the benefits of microgravity for manufacturing novel materials. [Forward]
The Pelican satellites are meant to upgrade Planet Labs’ existing constellation of 21 high-resolution SkySat satellites in orbit, with launches beginning in 2022. Planet Lab will go public in 2021. [Forward]
Space junk is a serious problem—but no one knows precisely how to find it. Privateer hopes to fill these massive data gaps. Their first satellite will launch in early 2022. [Forward]
Image Credit: Starfish Space
Starfish is developing the Otter space tug, a spacecraft that will be capable of capturing and moving objects in orbit, such as space junk or large spacecraft in geostationary orbit. [Forward]
World View is developing an eight person passenger capsule that will be carried aloft by balloons to altitudes of about 30 kilometers. Tickets will cost $50,000 per person. [Forward]
Space Exploration | Development
Image Credit: Blue Origin via AP
At 90 years old, William Shatner has become the oldest person ever to travel to space. Jeff Bezos flew him as a comped guest on Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. [Forward]
Jezero Crater's river delta left behind a distinct geometry that suggests the lake there was stable in at least two different depths at different points in its history. [Forward]
Image Credit: The University of Manchester (artist's impression of space habitat)
Graphene, the robust carbon allotrope, is set to go to space to strengthen future astronaut habitats by helping to balance the massively contrasting temperatures to which space structures are subjected. [Forward]
NASA’s Lucy spacecraft will go on a 12 year mission that will carry it out to Jupiter's orbit and back twice, enabling it to visit both swarms of Trojan asteroids. [Forward]
Astronomy | Astrophysics | Cosmology
LOUPE is a powerful camera that scientists will send to the moon to take pictures of Earth to create a template of what they might see on potentially habitable exoplanets. [Forward]