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This challenge seeks white papers and algorithms to help NASA predict risks on future projects. 1st prize is $20,000. The deadline to participate is February 7, 2022. [Forward]
Aphelion Aerospace aims to revolutionize access to space, by providing dedicated services for small spacecraft for use in commerce, science, and research. [Forward]
NASA is looking for ways to convert waste into base materials and useful things in space, like propellant or feedstock for 3D printing. $24,000 in prizes. Closes March 15. [Forward]
University rocketry teams: want to launch rockets and compete regionally against other university teams and potentially join next year's Spaceport America Cup? Registration closes March 31, 2022. [Forward]
Launch to space on the New Shepard rocket. On your 11-minute flight, you’ll travel 3X the speed of sound to pass the Kármán Line and witness life-changing views of Earth. [Forward]
Book your six-hour voyage on Spaceship Neptune now for 2025 and see Earth from space. Book an individual seat or a full 8 person capsule. $125,000 per space explorer. [Forward]
XPRIZE Carbon Removal is aimed at tackling climate change and advancing space exploration. Teams will create and demonstrate solutions that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans. [Forward]
Join 12,349 volunteers in labelling images from the Curiosity Rover, collectively creating the first open-source navigation-classification dataset of the Red Planet, which will be used to train future rovers. [Forward]
This pay-as-you-wish webinar features Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr. John C. Mather, who will discuss expectations for the James Webb Space Telescope over the next decade. February 3rd. [Forward]
The 2022 SmallSat Symposium brings together SmallSat leaders to identify trends and qualify disruptive technologies. This hybrid event in Silicon Valley costs $695 - $1495, from February 8-10, 2022. [Forward]
The Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC) brings together 1000 delegates from 350 companies and over 50 countries for the latest updates on satellite and space technology. February 8-10, 2022. [Forward]
CST22 will bring together industry experts, policymakers, and more for networking opportunities, panels, and keynote addresses on issues facing the commercial space industry. Tickets are $550. February 16-17, 2022. [Forward]
WSRF, taking place in Dubai, will focus on reconnecting the community in person. It coincides with Expo 2020, an event mixing culture and technology. Tickets are $435. February 22-24, 2022. [Forward]
This hybrid conference is a significant focal point for lunar and planetary science research, featuring presentations organized by topical symposia and problem-oriented sessions based on abstracts. March 7-11, 2022. [Forward]
Network with key players in the space industry through B2B meetings, conferences, dinners, demonstrations, or innovation challenges with pitches in front of a jury of experts. March 14-15, 2022. [Forward]
NASA’s Mars Exploration Program invites the Mars community, including scientists and engineers, to the Westin Pasadena Hotel to share ideas and approaches for low-cost exploration of Mars. March 29-31, 2022. [Forward]

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Space Ecosystem | Startups | Deals
The deal values the venture at $1.4 billion. D-Orbit’s key product is its ION satellite carrier, advertised as “a flexible, cost-effective” solution to delivering satellites into specific orbits. [Forward]
The SPAC merger gives Satellogic $262 million in gross proceeds to build a constellation of more than 200 imaging satellites by 2025. [Forward]
Buying SolAero means Rocket Lab now has another key supplier in-house for its satellite manufacturing, and SolAero now has the manufacturing capability needed to boost high-volume production and scale. [Forward]
Honeybee Robotics provided components for several NASA missions, including the sampling system on Phoenix Mars lander's robotic arm. Blue Origin said Honeybee will be retained as a separate entity. [Forward]
Image Credit: Radian Aerospace
Radian Aerospace is designing a single-stage-to-orbit space plane, which could take off from a runway, ignite its rocket engines, spend time in orbit, and then land on a runway. [Forward]
Epsilon3 has an API for live telemetry to track and record data during testing. It has multiplied its ARR by 50x since last year, and more than tripled its customers. [Forward]
The Cassini Fund is part of the European Investment Fund (EIF), which provides risk financing to small-medium businesses across Europe. The European space sector could see revenues double by 2032. [Forward]
Image Credit: Lunar Resources
Lunar Resources is developing technology to extract iron, aluminum, magnesium, and silicon from the Moon's regolith. These materials, in turn, would be used to manufacture goods on the Moon. [Forward]
2021’s record is up more than 50% from 2020. It includes a record-setting fourth quarter, which brought in $4.3 billion thanks to “mega-rounds” of $250 million or more. [Forward]
ABL, a small rocket builder, has received hundreds of millions in private investment to build their RS-1 launch vehicle despite sharing few details on their design and testing schedule. [Forward]
Space Exploration | Development
Image Credit: Space Entertainment Enterprise
Called SEE-1, the studio and sports arena plans to host TV and film productions, as well as music events and sports that can be filmed or live streamed. [Forward]
The Celestis mission, named the Enterprise Flight, will launch more than 150 flight capsules containing cremated remains, DNA samples, and messages from Star Trek fans. [Forward]
Astronomy | Astrophysics | Cosmology
The solution, popularized by Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, is that alien civilizations either avoid detection or have been destroyed. It suggests careful observation of the surrounding universe. [Forward]