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Four teams will be awarded $5,000 to build their data recovery prototypes and conduct a test drop of their system in New Mexico in 2023. Deadline: September 15, 2022. [Forward]
Invest in a NanoSat constellation that takes 3D wind measurements to provide accurate weather/early hurricane forecasts. US investors: $100 minimum. CAD, UK investors: $250 minimum. Closes September 30, 2022. [Forward]
Seeking innovative, reliable, and durable approaches for excavating icy regolith and delivering acquired resources in extreme lunar environmental conditions. US prize purse is $3 million. Deadline: September 30, 2022. [Forward]
Register now to join for events in person or virtually at the largest annual space and science hackathon in the world. October 1-2, 2022. [Forward]
The Jacobs Space Exploration Group is calling on you to help NASA overcome challenges inherent to living on the moon. The prize: $10,000. Pre-registration is open now. Closes October 17, 2022. [Forward]
RESOLVE lunar prospecting payload in field testing (Image Credit: NASA)
Orbital Space challenges next gen innovators to imagine science and exploration concepts and technology tests to conduct on the Moon’s surface from a commercial lander. Deadline: December 15, 2022. [Forward]
Becoming Off-Wordly is a community of future astronaut hopefuls preparing their paths to spaceflight through guidance and networking. $5-$10/month or $100/year. [Forward]
XPRIZE Carbon Removal is aimed at tackling climate change and advancing space exploration. Teams will create and demonstrate solutions that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans. [Forward]
Third annual listing of space podcasts includes EVONA Origin Stories, Kathy Sullivan Explores, Pathfinder, Space Connect Podcast, Space in 60, and more for 2022. [Forward]
Space Talent is a resource for careers at the intersection of space and tech. They match employers with top talent while providing insights and resources to grow your career. [Forward]
Upcoming Events
Speakers include Astronaut Pamela Melroy (Deputy Administrator, NASA), Peter Beck (CEO, Rocket Lab). Te Pae Convention Centre, New Zealand. Online: $20-$95/+gst. In-person: $395-$495/+gst. September 5, 2022. [Forward]
Observational astronomers, theorists, and experimentalists will shed light on the lifecycle of cosmic PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.) Aarhus University, Denmark. Early-bird registration closes July 1. September 5-9, 2022. [Forward]
This event brings together the entire UK space sector at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre for face to face business and networking. Free registration. September 7-8, 2022. [Forward]
This hybrid event provides access to over 95 lectures from over 100 space industry speakers and experts. Online: €39.90. In-person: €799. Bursa, Turkey. September 9-11, 2022. [Forward]
Online or in-person registration options are available. In-person grants access to the summit in Paris, including all official social events. Online: €540. In-person: €2,100 - €3,480. September 12-16, 2022. [Forward]
SPRSA provides a forum for achieving the goal of “Routine, Affordable Access to Space for Small Payloads". In-person: $225-300. Online: free. Air Force Academy, CO. (Rescheduled) September 13-14, 2022. [Forward]
A gathering of space communities alongside space-related start-ups, entrepreneurs, laboratories, research scientists and manufacturers, with dedicated events for students and young professionals. Rates and categories here. September 18-22, 2022. [Forward]
European Space Week 2022 brings together EU Space community policymakers, investors and users in Prague, Czech Republic, to discuss current and future trends of the EU Space Programme. October 3-6, 2022. [Forward]
Back-to-back premier satellite industry events Satellite Innovation and MilSat Symposium in Mountain View, CA tackle analyzing next-generation satellite technologies and business, and deep insight into dynamic solutions in space defense. In-person: $1,395-$1,995. October 11-14, 2022. [Forward]
The European Space Policy Institute brings high-ranking stakeholders together in Vienna, Austria, to discuss ways to best leverage commercial solutions for the European space sector.  In -person, free. October 11-12, 2022. [Forward]
Beyond Earth launches its inaugural symposium in Washington, DC, to discuss the challenges of limited Earth resources as well as the medical issues involved in off-Earth colonization and mining. In-person: $295-$349. October 12-13, 2022. [Forward]
Hubble First Servicing (Image Credit: NASA)
ISAM Workshop agenda is complementary to CONFERS Global Satellite Servicing Forum on 10/19-20. Facility tours on 10/17 are in-person only and capped at 75 participants at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Free online participation on 10/18. [Forward]
APSCC 2022 Satellite Conference & Exhibition on "Re-Uniting Space in Asia" gathers the community around industry challenges and opportunities for market insight, partnerships, and business deals. October 18-20, 2022. [Forward]
The 2022 GSSF at the Hilton Arlington, VA, will highlight key themes in the satellite servicing segment including opportunities, needs, and support for space-sector growth, in-space activities, and sustained satellite servicing operations. CONFERS pricing here. October 19-20, 2022. [Forward]
A space industry conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, for scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) ecosystem with 12+ world-class speakers. Tickets: €70-770. September 15, 2022. [Forward]
Image Credit: ESA & MPS for OSIRIS Team
Event includes plenary talks, panel discussions, public debates, and a Saturday evening banquet (additional cost). Hybrid event at Arizona State University. Tickets: $85-$300. October 20-23, 2022. [Forward]
Join discussions and talks reflecting perspectives on space exploration and developments, challenges and opportunities in space science, including policy, nuclear propulsion, and sustained lunar human presence. Huntsville, Alabama in-person: $50-$850, Online: $50-$250. October 26-28, 2022. [Forward]
Leading government officials and industry experts discuss critical threats and share perspectives and insights on issues including national security, rapid capabilities and acquisition initiatives. Washington, DC. October 27, 2022. [Forward]
Hear about ideas, information, opinions, business plans and technologies from astronauts, engineers, artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and others. In-person: $175-350. Austin, Texas. October 28-29, 2022. [Forward]
Hear from startups and founders making the greatest impact in topics ranging from manned space travel and colonization to revolutions in communications and manufacturing in space. December 6, 2022. [Forward]

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Space Ecosystem | Startups | Deals
Lunar lander developer Astrobotic made a formal bid for “substantially all” of Masten's assets. They also secured NASA funding to test its CubeRover's ability to survive the two-week lunar night. [Forward]
Muon Space wants to help companies build their own Earth observation platforms. $25 million Series A round was led by Radical Ventures, with participation from Costanoa, Congruent Ventures and Space Capital. [Forward]
Violet Labs is developing a cloud-based platform for developing spacecraft, drones and autonomous vehicles. $4 million seed round was led by Space Capital, with participation from MaC Venture Capital, Felicis and V1.VC. [Forward]
Next generation space infrastructure company Redwire will develop the first commercially owned spaceflight-qualified platform capable of growing plants from seed to maturity. Redwire Greenhouse launches in 2023. [Forward]
Epsilon3 is building a software platform to help Axiom Space manage plans to deploy commercial modules on the International Space Station in 2024. The multi-year deal includes procedure workflow tools. [Forward]
Startup E-Space added a CFO and chief satellite systems engineer to help accelerate development of a multi-application LEO constellation. E-Space was founded by Greg Wylerhas, who previously founded OneWeb. [Forward]
UK small launch company Skyrora’s single engine XL rocket completed a nominal 20-second burn. Skyrora is targeting a 2023 orbital launch. [Forward]
Space Exploration | Development
NASA is targeting another Artemis launch attempt on September 3, 2:17 p.m. Eastern. They are assessing whether a faulty temperature sensor was to blame for the scrubbed first launch attempt. [Forward]
The satellite-to-mobile service will work with Starlink's second generation satellites. T-Mobile users will be able to use messaging, MMS, certain messaging apps and eventually voice without a new phone. [Forward]
Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck wants to send a probe through the clouds of Venus for ~5 minutes using an Electron rocket, with launch windows in May 2023 and January 2025. [Forward]
The 13 potential landing sites for the future Artemis III mission were selected to enable astronauts to spend 6.5 days on the surface and search for water ice. [Forward]
Space-Based Adaptive Communications Node (BACN) teams, including SpaceX and Amazon Project Kuiper, began work on an optical intersatellite communications terminal to create an “internet” of LEO satellites. [Forward]
Europe is considering space-based solar power to increase its energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the idea has its critics, including Elon Musk citing conversion inefficiency. [Forward]
SLS Core Stage November 2019 (Image Credit: Jared Lyons)
Eric Berger argues the SLS and its $20 billion cost is the political price NASA had to pay to bring Congress on board with a real deep space exploration program. [Forward]
Astronomy | Astrophysics | Cosmology
An anti-gravitational effect competing against gravity is causing the universe’s expansion to accelerate. This unknown “dark energy” could be quintessence, a hypothetical scalar field form of dark energy. [Forward]