[Space] 2023.02.15

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Startup accelerator brings industry expertise to get Seed and Pre-Series A SpaceTech companies “investment ready” and introduce leading Space Corporates and Agencies. Application deadline: February 19, 2023. [Forward]
The AWS Space Accelerator provides an intensive curriculum for companies focused on the space domain to accelerate their growth alongside leading AWS experts. Application Deadline: March 6, 2023. [Forward]
This project seeks new and innovative sample methods that can detect Hydrazine/Monomethyl hydrazine (MMH) via colorimetric analysis to be used by astronauts following space flight. $47,000 in prizes. Closes: March 14, 2023. [Forward]
Million on Mars is a Web3 multiplayer game set in the 2070s where players grow a Mars settlement and own land as NFTs. Use link for ~$25 of in-game resources. [Forward]
Space Talent is a resource for careers at the intersection of space and tech. They match employers with top talent while providing insights and resources to grow your career. [Forward]
Crowdfunding platform Spaced Ventures is aggregating interest to petition for a direct, no fee investment in SpaceX, with the goal of democratizing space through ownership. It has exceeded its $25 million target in pledges. [Forward]
Upcoming Events
A virtual talk hosted by the SETI Institute on the challenges astronomers face with the growing privatization of near-Earth space activities. Free. Online. February 15, 2023. [Forward]
In the second episode of the reboot of RED PLANET LIVE, Ashton Zeth will interview Rick Tumlinson, who coined the term “NewSpace” and is credited with helping create the new commercial space industry. Free. Online. February 21, 2023. [Forward]
SSSIF 2023 is an international workshop assembling small satellites designers, technicians, developers, and launchers for a unique networking and knowledge opportunity. Fee: €100-€450. Málaga (Spain). February 21-23, 2023. [Forward]
Bootcamp for space industry founders, investors, and professionals to learn practical skills and avoid regulatory pitfalls. $900-$1100. Albuquerque, NM and Online. February 21-23, 2023. [Forward]
Space exploration faces significant challenges from dangerous exposures that can reduce mission lifetimes. Learn about technologies that help missions withstand harsh environments at lower costs. Free. Online. February 3, 2023. [Forward]
The virtual International Space Convention brings together 120+ speakers covering 80+ topics around critical space issues and opportunities surrounding the main theme of the year - ''Reaching the Unconnected''. Tickets: £79-£299. March 16-19, 2023. [Forward]
Image Credit: Explore Mars
Discussion of the steps needed to ensure that NASA, government and industry cooperate to achieve human exploration of Mars by the 2030s. $30-$550. Washington D.C. May 16-18, 2023. [Forward]

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Voyager Space raised $80 million in new capital as it continues development on the private space station Starlab. The funding includes participation from NewSpace Capital, Midway Venture Partners and Industrious Ventures. [Forward]
French company Exotrail raised $58 million to scale production of electric thrusters and expand work on in-space transportation. Its Series B round was led by Bpifrance, Eurazeo, and CELAD, along with previous investors. [Forward]
The Exploration Company's Nyx modular and reusable orbital vehicle.
Image Credit:  https://exploration.space/
Franco-German startup The Exploration Company raised a record €40.5 million in a Series A funding round led by EQT Ventures and Red River West for a reusable orbital vehicle dubbed Nyx. [Forward]
Hyperspectral imaging startup Orbital Sidekick closes $10 million in funding led by Energy Innovation Capital, with additional participation from energy companies Williams and ONEOK to launch its space-based commercial data product. [Forward]
World View, the stratospheric ballooning company that announced plans to go public last month, is emphasizing remote sensing rather than tourism, estimating a global market worth $23 billion by 2027. [Forward]
Embedded is raising a $100 million fund with a focus on commercial space and national security dual-use technologies. Embedded is led by Jenna Bryant and Jordan Noone, cofounder of Relativity Space. [Forward]
Space Exploration | Development
SpaceX ignited its Super Heavy rocket for a "full duration" test of its Raptor engines on February 10. The company is potentially on track for an orbital test flight in March or April. [Forward]
Vulcan is slated for dozens of launches for the US Department of Defense and Amazon's Project Kuiper megaconstellation and could make its debut in May 2023 after additional testing. [Forward]
The Federal Communications Commission approved Amazon’s plan to deploy and operate 3,236 Project Kuiper broadband satellites, subject to conditions that include measures for avoiding collisions in low Earth orbit. [Forward]
British aerospace engineering company Rolls-Royce Holdings is developing a micro-nuclear reactor that the company hopes could be used for trips to the Moon and Mars. [Forward]
Astronomy | Astrophysics | Astrobiology | Cosmology
LuSEE (Lunar Surface Electromagnetic Explorer) Night, a small radio antenna to be sent to the far side of the Moon as early as 2025, is expected to chart a pathway for radio telescope observatories unimpeded by terrestrial emissions. [Forward]
Black hole stars, or quasi-stars, are hypothetical extremely massive stars that are powered by material falling into a black hole at its core. Black hole stars may have existed in the early universe and burned brighter than galaxies. [Forward]