[Space] 2023.04.01

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Learning from Experiences, Achievements, and Resolution Navigation (LEARN) Forum is a pilot program that aims to provide the NASA SmallSat Community with collaboration resources to become smarter mission implementers. Online. April 26, 2023. [Forward]
Meco Rocket Simulator is based on realistic physics where you can design, build, and test rocket engines and see the immediate outcome of your design choices. Estimated delivery April 2023. [Forward]
A discussion of the subtleties and implications of rocket architectural design authored by Tory Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance (ULA). [Forward]
Space Talent is a resource for careers at the intersection of space and tech. They match employers with top talent while providing insights and resources to grow your career. [Forward]
Upcoming Events
Workshop to review the largest online archives of astrophysical simulations and observations, and produce visualizations and movies in Python. Free. Online. April 7, 2023. [Forward]
A discussion of the overall status of the observational evidence for supermassive black hole binaries. £5.00. Online. April 14, 2023. [Forward]
Space Symposium aims to examine space issues from multiple perspectives, to promote dialog and to focus attention on critical space issues. $495-$3,420. Online and in-person in Colorado Springs, CO. April 17-20, 2023. [Forward]
California Polytechnic State University’s 2023 workshop focuses on “Building the Future of Space Together.” $175-$700. In-Person in San Luis Obispo, California. April 25-27, 2023. [Forward]
Image Credit: Explore Mars
Discussion of the steps needed to ensure that NASA, government and industry cooperate to achieve human exploration of Mars by the 2030s. $30-$550. Washington D.C. May 16-18, 2023. [Forward]
Featured speakers include Jared Isaacman, Polaris Dawn Mission Commander, and Dylan Taylor, Voyager Space CEO. The theme for ISDC 2023 is A New Space Age. Frisco, Texas. May 25-28, 2023. [Forward]

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Space Ecosystem | Startups | Deals
German launch vehicle developer Isar raised $165 million to scale production of its Spectrum rocket. The Series C round included participation from HV Capital and Porsche SE. [Forward]
Terran 1 launched on its third attempt on March 22, falling back into the Atlantic Ocean after the second-stage engine failed to sustain ignition. Terran 1 is ~85% additively manufactured. [Forward]
Virgin Orbit will cease operations after deal talks for a $200 million lifeline investment, including with private investor Matthew Brown, collapsed. Virgin Orbit was spun out of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic in 2017 and Branson retains a 75% ownership. [Forward]
An illustration of the Starlab space station being developed by Voyager Space in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space. Credit: Voyager Space
Voyager Space has acquired engineering company ZIN Technologies, known for microgravity research equipment, to help build expertise needed for its Starlab commercial space station. [Forward]
Space propulsion startup Frontier Aerospace raised $10 million in Series A funding from AEI HorizonX, the $5 billion corporate VC fund formed by AE Industrial Parters and Boeing, to accelerate engine development. [Forward]
Danish startup Quadsat raised 9 million euros ($9.6 million) in Series A funding led by IQ Capital to expand a business that uses drones to test and calibrate satellite antennas on the ground. [Forward]
Space Exploration | Development
SpaceX's Starship covered in frost during a fueling test on January 23, 2023. Credit: SpaceX
SpaceX’s Starship could be ready to launch in a few weeks on its first-ever orbital test flight, possibly in April pending FAA license approval. [Forward]
Amazon revealed a trio of satellite antennas for its Project Kuiper internet network with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Standard models are expected to cost less than $400 each to produce. [Forward]
Rocket Lab is targeting a $50 million price and first hot fire test by year-end for its larger, reusable Neutron launch vehicle, to compete with SpaceX's Falcon 9. [Forward]
Artist depiction of ispace's HAKUTO-R Mission 1 (M1) lunar lander. Credit: ispace
ispace's HAKUTO-R Mission 1 lander has entered orbit around the moon, setting up a potential first lunar landing by a private company at the end of April. ispace plans to list its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market on April 12. [Forward]
Researchers seek to develop advanced propulsion systems to transform long-distance space exploration. Pellet-beam propulsion might be feasible in less than 20 years. [Forward]
Astronomy | Astrophysics | Astrobiology | Cosmology
A university team plans to look for potentially habitable exoplanets in the Alpha Centauri system using a custom-built EnduroSat minisatellite. [Forward]